Oct 15, 2013

Movie that's more than a movie.... War, Chhod na Yaar

Hardly has any movie made me laugh so much AND internalise at the same time... War Chhod Na Yaar makes you laugh hard and makes an amazing point without preaching. There are times in the movie where you feel, NOW it's going to get preachy and serious...but it doesn't. It's a riot. It's such a brilliant satire of everything that's happening on our borders and politics that even before you realise you find yourself saying... I don't want war.

The movie talks about everything... Corrupt politicians, American two faced politics, Chinese invasion, tensions on the border, soldiers and their mentality, media and power of media... Nothing is left untouched. It's advertised as India's First War Comedy... But it's much much much more than that. What it really is, is a reality check. We the people are responsible for change. We have the power if only we can find the will.

There are scenes in the movie that bring you to the brink of tears but the greatest positive thing about the movie is that even when it's making a solid serious point...the movie does not loose it's easy going nature and you don't stop laughing. Even after the movie is over the smile stays with you... And a hope in your heart.... War, Chhod Na Yaar....