Mar 6, 2013

Too little, too long.

"600 pages...."

That was my first reaction, when I heard that Amish's latest and concluding part of the Shiva Trilogy was going to be bigger than the earlier ones. The novel had already garnered a lot of anticipation and the buzz was building high. My little heart was weary with worry. I could not help but think of all the hyped concluding parts of so many other series’. Be it the JK Rowling’s Potter Series or MR’s Five Warriors. The buzz had always higher than the results that were delivered. Was Amish going to add to the list of disappointments? The book took a little too much time for release. The release date was postponed twice and the buzz and anticipation roared higher. My misgivings rose too.

When it came for pre-release order on Flipkart… I was fast to order it. It saved me 150 bucks and I would get the book before (or at the same time) it reached the stores. I was happy. Early last week, I got the mail from Flipkart saying the book will reach me by Thursday last and I was happier. Friday evening, I reached home to see a big parcel waiting on the table for me, and I opened it with nervous energy.

First things first: I don’t like the cover. It’s muddy and its less attractive on the earlier two. Had I not been a reader of earlier two, I would “not” have picked this one up ONLY by looking at the cover. (I mean, check the other two and then see the last one above and tell me...which "look" more interesting?)

Two: Phew… it’s a BIG book. And for first two readings, I had real problem focusing, coz I took some time adjusting to the font. (But it’s possible that dynamic fonts on my Kindle has spoiled meJ)
Three: I’m against reviews with spoilers. My reviews are usually are written to entice the reader of the review to grab the book and read it himself. But… it’s going to be VERY hard task, to review the novel without spoilers. So, if you want a pristine review…walk away now … (or surf away, whichever suits you)

Now to the review.