Apr 9, 2016

Primal Fear - William Diehl

How do you know you've found a new fav author? It's when you finish a book and can't get rid of the last statement in the novel for a long time.... When the so called Last statement sends chills down your spine and you stare wide eyed to your own reflection in your vanity instead of going about your nightly routine.

If you've ever been through my blog, you know I'm a sucker for Thrillers.I usually steer clear of the
law / courtroom dramas. I was out of my last read and was going through my currently scanty collection of books (moving countries has taken a toll on my book collection, though I am working on replenishing it... I currently have less than a dozen books at my disposal, however more about that at a later time may be)... That's when I picked up Primal Fear by William Diehl. A relatively unknown author to me, the back cover said its about a murder trial. I wasn't really sure what was I expecting of the novel. However, 20 pages into the book, I knew I was looking forward to reading it.

Now, I don't really understand much about Law per say; nor do I understand great about Psychiatry. Through my extensive TV viewing experience, I did however had some expectations about the premise and the plot twists in the story. Which like a dependable author Mr. Diehl did come through. There were some that I did not see coming; and some were really clich├ęd. The flow of the novel did satisfy my appetite though. The character of Marty did make me curious about the actual trial. And somewhere I did feel a bit let down about the length of the trial. Felt like all the build-up was a bit too better than the actual result.

HOWEVER, what lacked in the length of it, was compensated with the sheer magnificence of the drama unfolded in the courtroom. It was fast paced, understandable and wittily written. It was fun to read and once I started I could NOT stop. however, I have to agree, that the topping on the cake was definitely the spine chilling very last statement of the novel.... I still feel goosebumps on my arm just thinking about it....

I hope Mr. Diehl writes more about Marty. I like his character. There's a lot to be said about him and lot to know. Hopefully, I find more about him and his legal adventures. Till next time....


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