Sep 23, 2011

I fell in love... all over again

We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet: and, amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, excepting the dog, has made an alliance with us. - Maurice Maeterlinck

How very true... isn't it?

I've always been told that if you need to feel unquestioned love and devotion, get yourself a pet dog. They are smartest creatures that will not only guard you but also love and adore you with their heart and soul. After months of deliberation and research... I finally got myself a puppy... a cute, adorable, unstoppable, lovely 2 month old Labrador puppy, whom we christened Pluto.

It was a hard decision to take. I had left my corporate life behind to find a more subtle and gentle way of life, of a home maker... there were a lot of issues to be solved...mostly financial in nature... we also are preparing for a new member in family... admist all that taking on an additional responsibility seemed like a very BIG risk, but we were so ready... no one thought it was a good idea, but we were adamant.

Me and hubby, both spent the entire night awake...when this 2 month old bundle of energy was bought into the house... partly coz we were not sure how to handle this unstoppable ball of yellow fur, partly coz we were too excited to shut our eyes on him. First 3 days went in a whirlwind of housebreaking, cleaning and running behind him... I hardly got any sleep in those days... Pluto being my first pet, I had to check everything about him... why is he sleeping so much? Is he supposed to breathe this fast? Why does he chew so much? Why is he not barking? When is this barking going to stop? How do I train him for potty? What do I feed? What is normal weight for Lab puppies... so many questions and so much research... :)

The research isn't over yet... and days are definitely not smooth... there are still hiccups and confusion... but its a part of daily life now. I dont feel tired anymore... I dont feel like I'm buried under the weight of the world. I dont feel sad anymore... dont feel stressed...

I always was told that dogs love their pet parents... and I always assumed that was evident when your dog jumps up on you or licks your face... I learnt the other day, that sometimes love is about being around when you dont even know you need someone to be aound you...

It was yesterday evening when I sat down to work on a personal project... Pluto sleeping at his usual place, around the wicker chair... I looked at him... sleeping peacefully... I was suddenly overwhelmed by the feeling of sadness. Felt like I took this kid away from his mother... he hardly knew his mother... mere 60 days and I took him away. I felt like it was my responsibility to make sure that this kid will get the best I can offer... I owed him that much...Never realised how much I began to love this bundle of mere 10 days... I didnt even realise that my eyes were tearing up... within seconds, I was crying my eyes out. I buried my face in a pillow, I didnt want to disturb Pluto's sleep...

Seconds later, I felt something touching the top of my head... I jerked my head up from the pillow, Pluto was standing in front of me... looking at me with those cute brown puppy eyes... almost like asking... "What's Wrong?" Without a sound, he simply climbed up into my lap, curled up and slept... Wave after wave of tears were crashing up in my heart, in my eyes... and with Pluto in my lap... I cried all those out...

After sometime, I stopped... couldnt really cry more... felt silly that I cried like a child... blamed all those on my harmones... my breathing came to normal and mind got back to the fact that I needed to get up and drink some water. As if he could actually hear my thoughts, Pluto woke up... looked at me (as if to make sure, everything was alright)... walked back to him fav place in the house and went back to sleep, as if nothing has happened. I stared at him for a couple of minutes, but he was fast asleep... without even realising that he made me fall in love with him... all over again...


  1. Beautiful. :) Really.

    This is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

    I have a 7-year-old lab. Shes my darling angel. My gift from above and my baby. :) I am living away from her now and I hate it. :) She has done what Pluto did for you, for me, so many times in 7 years. Understood my inner most thoughts and kept me company.

    Congratulations on your journey with him and the other member :)

    Wishing you happiness and love.

    1. :)
      Thanks for stopping by and for such sweet wishes.

      He's made my life so enriched that I started writing about his antics on a whole new blog. You can follow his sweetness on

  2. Wooww!!

    That was really a touching and a cute write up abt Pluto!!!

    Know wat?? Even I'm looking for a pup, preferably a Golden Retriever to be made as a part of our family...

    As u said, there are lots of speculation and discussions going on with mom...she is little scared of dogs...But I go mad on Dogs...!!

    So many things r running...and I'm badly in need of a pet dog...Lemme c...

    Those last 3 paras r really "So sweet" worth!!! :)

    Hope u r having a great time with ur new love!!

    Thnx 4 sucha post!!!


    1. :)...hey thanks for stopping by. I hope you have decided and got yourself a pup by now. If not, what are you waiting for?

      here's a little nudge from me to get you to make the decision...

  3. Got here from blogadda
    A sweet and enjoyable read.
    Puppies and kittens are irresistible...

    1. :) thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, pets are gifts from gods, especially dogs. I believe they carry their heart on their tails...and with each wag of it you are showered in abundant love and joy.

      you can follow Pluto and his antics on http:\\


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