Dec 19, 2015

Peculiar... in deed

One of the problems of being an avid reader is that when someone tells you that there exists a highly underrated book comparable to all your famous fav one's... you kind of get hooked into reading it. And THAT can cause heartache.

I picked this one up, coz one of the FB articles about underrated books that fantasy fans should read. It was a Buzzfeed viewers choice list (click here) and this one was on it.... and luckily I was in a bookstore that showcased this one prominently. It was like the book wanted me to read it. So, I ended up picking this up, along with a few other staple authors.... (i.e. Devdutt Pattnaik and Ruskin Bond)

The book cover is creepy, with a levitating girl on it... the back cover is intriguing... hinting at supernatural leanings...the style of the books is like nothing I've seen before... story intermingled with creepy old vintage photographs... I had SKY HIGH expectations from this one...that's probably why I think I felt so miserable after reading this.

I'm a super fan of  creepy supernatural stuff. And I expect my spooky novels to be really that...spooky. This one held a good promise till about the time Jacob explores the basement with all its crazy, creepy body-parts in formaldehyde. And then the whole book takes the turn that makes it turn into an episode of Supernatural meets CSI. And my heart plummeted to the basement.

The story is nice. The developments are strictly ok. I found it hard to connect with the characters...somehow they were better as photographs. Its very hard to synch with these children. I've read enough YA to know that MY AGE doesn't hinder my enjoyment of the text...Percy, and Harry are proof enough of those. But for some reason Jacob and his band of Peculiar children didn't fit the bill. I did manage to finish reading them, but I know I'm not purchasing the second book in series.

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