Oct 21, 2015

Magnus Chase.... Gods of Asgard are here...

image courtesy: Guardian.co.uk
Rick Riordan is one of my go-to authors. He has provided me and my over active brain jewels like Percy Jackson, Jason Grace and Kane Chronicles. He has a very fluid way of writing that keeps you glued to the words on the paper (yes, I read on paperback)

Although, I'll be first to admit that I wasn't really sure I was going to read the latest by Mr. Riordan...coz let's be truthful... I'm clueless about Norse Mythology... I mean, I didn't even watch Thor, the movie. But, as luck would have it... I saw the book in a bookshop when I was out with a few gal-pals of mine, and ended up buying it.

True to Mr. Riordan's style... this one is written in a first person dialogue of a sixteen year old protagonist, Magnus Chase. And Magnus is one sarcastic dude. Possibly because of his homeless experience...but he has a biting humour and probably the worst luck in all the heroes / demigods/ magicians put together. I mean, the dude actually died before the story even took speed.

My lack of knowledge of Norse Mytho didn't hinder my reading experience. And that is Mr. Riordan's success. His characters are much more than just a Norse Demi-gods with unspeakable titles. (Sorry guys...I really can't remember titles and names... they're tongue twisters) Instead, the characters are relate-able, refreshing and frankly quite funny. They make being dead, look COOL.

The development of the story is filled with unanswered questions..that you know will evolve to unfold the tapestry of the larger 'plot'....but no where during this seed planting do you lose out of what is happening currently... I especially like Magnus (I guess more than Carter) because he also like me, finds the Norse names way to confusing and hence comes with his own names of things / objects / animals.... Jack, Stanley etc. Narration of this book flows without breaks even when you are a clueless about the Norse worlds... especially coz Magnus is also clueless and others keep handing out info as and when required. I especially liked the climax of the story (not the book, mind you). Fenris, is by all means what you expect and everything you don't expect. I mean....Heather...?? Really?? However, I did like the spin that closed the climax. It was fun, unusual and very unexpected.

This one has all that you come to expect from the "Creator of Percy Jackson" and this is even better... Kind of like Mr. Riordan is getting better with practice...and funnier also.

Those of you who have read and enjoyed (not watched and enjoyed, mind you).. will love this one too. Those who have not read, can still enjoy it. It was a great strategy for Riordan to NOT have Thor in forefront of the first novel... coz now that I've read and enjoyed this one... I am looking forward to the second instalment which I know is about the 'Mjolnir' which officially is not missing...

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