Jan 23, 2014

When stories grow old and new one's emerge from the good byes....

What does an end of a series mean to you?

Personally, I believe like I'm saying final goodbyes to my close friends. it hurts to know that we would not be meeting again. Like we are walking two separate paths and will not meet again. This emotional bonding that I have with series is usually why I shy away from fan-fictions. It feels like I’m betraying an old friend by reading about his world but not from his creator instead an imposter. Most of the times, fan-fiction is not even as good as the original one. It’s either a diluted version of the story’s tangent or a horrendous misaligned inappropriate picture of what ‘could’ have been. Both scenarios bleak as they can ever be. So when one of friends came to me suggesting I read a fanfic for Harry Potter series, I was more than apprehensive. I was downright sure, I would never read it. I downloaded the PDF which my friend had created by meticulously saving every “daily” chapter from the website, and for months together the book stayed hidden, under a myriad of e-books.

It was by a co-incident that I finally started reading the first one. And before I knew it, I was nose-deep in the story. Didn’t realize when the 1.5hour long travel to my office was over and it was time to shut the kindle off. If I say, I was anxious to get back to reading will be a gross understatement. The 8 hour wait that I had to endure working in office, ended up with me reading non-stop throughout the night, finishing the book at 5.30 in the morning.

That should be enough to tell you how much I enjoyed the book. If not, here’s a brief of what all I liked.
  •             Even though it is a fanfic, it does not dilute the original’s amazing charm.
  •             It’s a brilliantly written and constructed book… you can feel that the author really likes and understand the HP universe
  • He builds on the things happened till the 7th book… and he does not offend your sensibilities with blatant assumptions and disrespect
  • The story stands on its two own feet, even if you have ‘never’ heard or read HP, though knowing HP helps, but if you have not read HP(which is stupid to even consider)… you still will be able to enjoy the series
  • The author obviously has spent a lot of effort in creating a whole new world within the HP universe with equally interesting characters and facts and anecdotes.
  • I liked the way his characters are developed and had taken a life of their own rather than being simple shadows of the characters that we have grown to know and love.
  • They are lively, cheerful and everything that we come to expect from main characters of a long saga of books around mystery, magic and adventure.
  • The events that unfold in these universe are equally as magical as you want them to, full of adventure and muscle power that it needs and a dash of smiles and sprinkling of laughter that makes this as a completely lovely experience
  • As the series progresses, you see the base of the universe seeing issues and events that you would not have thought about seeing in HP universe. And that makes this better, bolder and more adult friendly than HP works.
  • The best part of the series is… there is not a single villain in the series. So the author has a free hand at developing the storyline as long or as short he wishes to…. Which means…. Lots of stories to follow J

If you want to see and read them... they are all available "http://www.jamespotterseries.com/"

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