Mar 26, 2012

Simply Inspirational... Part I

Who is your biggest inspiration? Whom do you turn to when you are sad or dejected? Is there anyone who gives you strength in times of need? When going gets tough, who is the one that inspires you to charge ahead and face the challenges head on?

I bet everyone has a unique answer for these questions. There are people who get inspiration from world leaders, some gain it from friends or family or co-workers...some will even get inspired by true life heroes...or even on screen heroes. Some find the strength in movies or some might find it in songs. For me... inspiration comes from all over the place. And I've been meaning to write about my inspirations for a while now... FINALLY, here I go.

She is a woman, born in a modest, lower middle class family, with 6 other sisters to share a small government quarters. Struggle was a second nature and "studying" was the only way to go. And she did EXACTLY that. She studied her way out of her social background, helped complete education and marriages of ALL her six sisters while raising a happy and healthy family. A family that is not only held together with love and respect but also an immense belief in her way of life. Her six sisters and two daughters along with rest of the kids in her "family" even today follow her wishes and advice without a doubt. At 54 years of age, she still is an image of ever youthful energy and immense inspiration to all those who come in her contact. She is the one, who made me who I am today. and she will always be the driving force in my life. She is none other than....... my MOTHER.

Born to a poor single mother, raised in poverty and facing emotional as well as physical traumas... she today is considered the most influential woman in the world. Referred as Media Mogul, she has always made me feel like "Anything is Possible". A live testament to "Neki kar Dariya me dal"... I was introduced to her while I was still in school. Her talks, her generosity and her good work has been something to marvel at and even envy. Oprah Winfrey has been a part of my TV life as long as I remember having Cable TV. Initially it was her choice of topics through her show that got me hooked...especially the one's dealing with weight problems. Since, I've always struggled with weight issues, it was something that I could relate to. Then as I grew, I began to understand wider topics and began marveling her choice more and more. Through her show, she has handled some of more serious concerns. Subjects that are considered TABOO. Infidelity, Incest, Child Molestation were not only handled with care but with a lot of concern to all involved. But sensation was not the only driving force there. She also was involved in community, environment and personal well-being. As time passed, Oprah's Book Club and Angel network became a part of my life. One of the things I loved about her show was the Oprah's Fav Things show... WHO on earth gives away things like iPad and even Chevy Beetle to their audiences??

But its not only about her show... what also inspires me about her, is her love for people in her life. Be it her best friend Gayle, or the prolific author and poet Maya Angelou, the one she calls her "mother-sister-friend". She has always been vocal and giving when it comes to sharing credit and love with those who are a part of her life. Its this part of her personality which makes me list her name on my "inspirational women" list. Of course, the fact that she is listed as the Richest African equally compelling. :)

to be continued...

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