Nov 13, 2011

Tintin...a movie experience for all movie-goers

I'm not a Tintin fan. I've never read Tintin as a kid. When I was young, I was busy reading Chacha Choudhary, Billoo & Pinki. For adventures I read Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv and best of them all, Faster Fene. When it came to English comics (which were very limited since I couldnt really read being in vernacular medium) reach was limited to Sunday editions on TV like He-Man. So, when I first heard that Tintin is being made into movie, I wasn't really thrilled or something. For that matter we reached PVR to catch Tower Heist. Our second choice was Immortals...Tintin was "last" choice if all else failed. As luck owuld have it, we reached PVR at a time that the only advisable movie was for Tintin.

Following a  short visit to Crossword and lunch at Thai Chi, we took our seats in Audi 5. Sometimes the mood for a movie is set even before the movie starts...with Tintin, the commercial showcase started with an amazing trailer for Arthur Christmas...a movie which is "not" coming soon. :)

The mood continued once the movie started with Tintin getting his caricature done from an artist in market & Snowy wondering off to chase a pickpocket... The movie sets the scene and pace in initial minutes itself. Like any comic adaptation, the good guys and bad guys are visually separable in colors and physicality. Like I said earlier, I've never read Tintin in my life, so I'm not familiar with its characters but the way they are presented in the movie and the flow of story, it makes the job of a nvice like me very easy. The plot is simple yet exciting enough. Clear enough without being too "mature"... for that matter the way it flows, I'm compelled to compare it with Feluda series by Satyajit Ray. Where "crimes of passion" were consciously avoided. the movie stays true to its core comics ethics. Action for the sake of action with humor sprinkled around with great deal of courage and splendid action sequences.

Spielberg's Tintin is a visual treat. Technically its as good as it gets. But that's something you "expect" from Spielberg so nothing really noteworthy in that dept. If you go to theater expecting to watch a Spielberg special.. Tintin will do justice to  your expectations. I'm not sure how true to the original comics he is but I'm sure if you decide to watch it for what it'll find a very exciting movie equally suitable for kids, youngsters and parents as well... 

Special mention:
Am waiting for the next one to come out....if not for anything else, then just to watch the amazing way in which Snowy is depicted. So lifelike and realistic.... I simply LOVED the way he is. He certainly has become my fav character in the movie...with his quizzical expression and curious face. Simply adorable. If I ever got myself another dog, I'd probably end up getting a wire fox terrier and name him Snowy... hee hee hee... 

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