Nov 18, 2011

Plans and change of plans...the godly way...

Decided to take a break from Indian Fiction. The original plan was to read Chris Kuzneski's lastest installment of Payne and Jones novel, The death relic... I even started to read that. But then I got a mail from; saying "Look what's new" and I saw Sidin Vadukut's continuation of Dork, God Save the Dork. Thats been on the list of will-be-reading-when-it-comes-out since I read the first part; so I had to log on to Flipkart. And there it was... another entry on the list... next in series of Heros of Olympus by Rick Riordan.

Hey...I think I've told you about Rick Riordan and me being his fan earlier. I think you'll find my first review of his Kane Chronicles series here... as that post says, my intro to Rick came with Percy Jackson.

The Heros of Olympus is a continuation of Percy's story, only this time...Percy is not the ONLY protagonist. In the first novel of the series, Percy is nowhere to be seen. He's only mentioned in bits. The first novel, The Lost Hero, introduces the second camp for Heros. Though the second camp is only mentioned in the first novel with the action happening in the Camp Half-Blood. Second novel in the series, The Son of Neptune is set in the second camp...the Roman Camp.

Rick Riordan has a very interesting view of the whole Roman - Greek god scenario. He uses the adaption of Greek Gods into Roman way of living very cleverly. Anyone who has ever been curious towards Greek/ Roman Gods or anyone who had time to compare the similarities between these gods and Hindi deities like Indra and his Sabha...would be easily drawn to the whole Percy Jackson series. While staying true to original series Riordan manages to engage the readers back into the worl of Mystic and Godly Magic.

The Olympian, Heros of Olympus and The Kane Chronicles...all three series will be a perfect gift for any teenager who has even a slightest interest in magic, mysteries and teen heros. Rather my guess is anyone who has enjoyed Harry Potter Series will be a perfect audience for all of these series, be it teenager or not.

Now its time for me to head back to what I was originally reading...Chris Kuzneski's The Death Relic.

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