Oct 29, 2011

Has it ever happened to you???

I've the weakest resolve when it comes to books. No matter how many I already own, and no matter whether I'm running out of room to store them...When I see books, I buy them. Once every quarter, I promise myself that I will not buy anymore books untill I finish reading ALL the books in the shelf that I'm yet to read... and I try to stick to that promise...I avoid going to Crossword, I delibaretly take a different route while traveling around the bookstores near station, I dont browse shopping sites that sell books...and even after ALL these efforts, the resolve lasts....a month or so... no matter how hard I try, I end up being in Crossword or near the booklane and end up picking up books that I know will sit in my bookshelf for over a month before I can reach to them...

I mean look at these... When am I going to read these? I already have more than 10 books that I've not even touched yet...add the two Devdutt Pattnayak's latest releases that I had pre-ordered, soft-copies of Cesar Millan's Dog training guides, AND the books I get for the reviews from Blogadda and for the proof-reading I'm doing... WHEN am I going to read these? BUT...when it comes to books, I just can't control myself. Though, I have very good reasons to buy each one of these novels, its still not correct of my to break promises made to myself, isn't it???

What say you???


  1. Been there ... done that.

    I used to pick up books left right and centre ... once upon a time :)

    Now I have better control ... but still I picked up some 10-12 odd books at the beginning of the year ... have read only 2 of them till date.

  2. Now its under control coz you are away from my influence... You need a booster shot of shopping madness from Shrads... :D


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