Aug 21, 2011

Christmas Carol: An experience

Naah... I ain't talking about the book... not this time. No, this time its about the movie...the one with Jim Carrey in it.

On second thoughts, its not even about the's about the story, the message and the impact of that message. I won't talk about the visual excellence and technical advancement...a lot of others have done that. Others, who know & understand it better than me... I'm writing about 'my' personal experience. It's possible that my views are biased...dripping with all the harmones running around in my body or something; but I still wish to express them.

It's one of those movies, which I missed on big screen. Lack of company, lack of time and opportunity...excuses could be many, but I missed it. So, I grabbed my first chanceof watching it on TV today. Two whole hours of bliss. If you think about it; it has a rather regular storyline. An old man, grumpy and frail in this case, angry on the whole wide world; experiences a traumatic event and comes to realise the wrong in his ways... setting out to rectify them. Nothing really novel, or earth shattering & still...the movie moved me. Coz of the ghosts, coz of Jim Carrey or simply because of the simplicity got to me. I've always been very close to my family and the movie kinda reaffirmed my belief that life is meaningless without the people you love, to share it with...

Though the movie progresses through Scrooge's world, you find yourself looking back at your own past. Looking back at things you did or that were done to you. People you met, who changed you, those who loved you and those who betrayed you. You wonder if life had been different if you had acted differently, if circumstances had been different...

Its not only Scrooge's journey that you find yourself experiencing. you find yourself purging though past, present and wonder about future. Everyone reaches to the same destination in the end...then why not take the most scenic road to reach there? Why focus on the potholes in the road, when you can enjoy the rainbows dancing in the sky? There are so many great things in our lives that make it a wonderful place to be. The journey can be used for enjoying these things, isn't it?

The question you should ask is.... WHY NOT?

By the end of the movie...this was my prominent thought. I belive these are the stories that keep us going. Whenever you feel down, grumpy or sad... I suggest go through a story like Christmas Carol... you might find your gloom fading away....just like I did.

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