Aug 14, 2010


I read more than 5 books last month... :)

Blue Dahlia - Nora Roberts
Black Rose - Nora Roberts
Red Lilly - Nora Roberts
Have a little Faith - Mitch Albom
Night train to Deoli - Ruskin Bond

That's just hard copies...
(soft copies I've read are listed at the bottom of the page)

This month is only 12 days old and I've already finished TWO
Prophecy - Cris Kuzneski
Terror on Titanic - Samit Basu

Do think something is wrong with me?? Not really... I'm just damn bored these days. my office is treating me too nicely... they gave me a wonderful desk with a PC with 2GB RAM, comfortable chair in a central AC, a wending machine that spews a decent tea whenever I feel like, a life size window that opens up to a hillside... add to that the wonderful monsoon, the city is receiving and you will realise that its an ideal location and situation for all NON-WORK type of things...

thus, I being a really obedient type of person... i take full advantages of the wonderful setting I'm being placed into.... :D

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