Feb 23, 2010

Is it too late???

What do you miss most about being young?

The carefree college days?
Excitement/nervousness on the results day?
Bunking lectures?
Or more fun events like college days? Parties? Picnics with friends?

I bet most of us actually crave simpler things...
getting up late, mom's food, leisure times during the day, just chilling with friends....

You know what I miss the most?

I miss the sheer amount of enthusiasm I felt. Enthu for all sorts of things. And large amount of dreams I used to have. Dreams of success, money and eventually of happiness.

Half a decade later, the dreams have lost their shine...Money doesn’t hold glamour anymore; it’s a thing of necessity. Dreams of success wilted, shrank to a "better rating" at the end of year... and Happiness.... well there is nothing of the sort on the horizon.

It’s such a sad state that I look back and wonder "What Happened?"

Where did we miss the turn? How did we end up at this place and point of hopelessness.... aimlessness....? (Finding a job for better money, is NOT an AIM)

How did we lose sight of what was once so dear, so important in life... friends, family, smiles....

How and where did we lose out the fondness of pranks?
For lazy afternoons?
Wonders of clouds with weird shapes?

How did life turn out different than originally dreamed....?

You think it’s hard to change it now???

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